Carnival Day

Fourteen she and sixteen he,
(You don’t know, don’t say you know)
Be, and happy as can free —
FlyingRiding, riding, flying
Boy and girl, just gal-and-guying —
(How can you remember when?
So damn long since way back then…)

Love’s forever moment fleeting:
(None know how, you can’t say how)
Running, laughing, drinking, eating,
Pizza slices folded long,
Symphonies of tuneless song;
Every age in just a day
Carnival of breathless play.

Once a boy, an old man shaking —
(There’s a ripple in the grass)
Sometimes thirst can find no slaking:
Love’s a season sore remembered,
Not the place his mem’ry rendered,
FlyingRiding, on a swing —
Once, he swears, he was

A king


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