It Snowed Last Night

It snowed last night
The world is white
I guess I’ll just sit here
And write

A dozen poems,
Maybe more;
I think that’s what
Wordpress is for

A southern state,
Where weather’s great,
My office still will open

So I will rhyme
Until its time
To go and earn
My daily dime

It snowed last night
It’s quite a sight —
But Yankees smirk
At snow
So slight

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9 Thoughts to “It Snowed Last Night

  1. Funny stuff. I am from Missouri, now transplanted to Montana, so I am no stranger to the white stuff. I can remember back in 1978, I was stationed in California(Fort Ord) when they got about a half inch of snow and the entire city of Salinas shut down. So my vision from this poem is of little kids running around their back yards trying to build a snowman the size of a Barbie doll. Thanks for the chuckle.

      1. Wow! Go out and build a snowman, it’s good for the kid in you. Just dress warm and remember…don’t eat yellow snow!

  2. pathetic wet slush
    just turns your schedule to mush
    and a touch of ice
    turns it off in a trice.
    If your live in the South
    Don’t run off at the mouth
    you’ll never outlast
    A wintery blast

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