2017 : June

The dying of the empty street,
With yet the flag that grimly waves:
The short success, the long defeat.

The bricks were laid, and eaves made neat:
So soon to see, these same enclaves
The dying of the empty street.

Each ledger, and each balance sheet,
Once-busy stores that turned to caves,
(The short success, the long defeat)

Of nails and screws in size complete,
Of two-by-fours and barrel staves
(Now dying is the empty street)

An ever smile, never cheat,
For all who pass these architraves —
Still short success, then long defeat.

Why do I mourn the obsolete?
I’m one who sees, not one who saves —
The dying of the empty street:
The short success
The long

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5 Thoughts to “2017 : June

      1. Wakenda, Missouri. It was swallowed by the Missouri river in flood of 1991, although it had died so many years before.

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