Reminders for Myself

Never excuse one evil by pointing to another evil

When recounting your grievances, remember: people lose patience with reruns

You aren’t a failure just because someone said you were —
you aren’t a success by that measure, either

Never try to explain some small random thing
by substituting an even larger, more random thing

Respect people for the human value they provide; i.e.,
show a lot more respect to farmers

Better yet, respect people, period

Fight the human tendency to believe
that if you don’t know what someone does
they must not do anything

Imagination breeds expectation, which yields disappointment;
imagination also breeds empathy, which allows us to help each other through disappointment —
so, do that

Social reinforcement doesn’t make something right or wrong,
it just makes it feel that way

People are starving for any bits of respect or affection
even though we can all give them away for free

Never spend another person’s money, and never think
you really know their grief

Despair is the same sort of mistake as overconfidence;
in both cases, we assume we know the future perfectly

If you know and admit to yourself that you have it in you to be cruel,
you have some chance of stopping it

Never overdo a good thing;
remember that time when you were thirteen and ate fifteen doughnuts, because
that didn’t turn out well

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