False Equivalence

You may not be owned, but still may have been bought; You may have slow speech, and yet not have slow thought Because you are nice doesn’t mean that you’re frail; Because you’re alone doesn’t mean that you’ll fail You may know you’ll lose, but yet still choose to fight; You might be an expert … Continue reading "False Equivalence"

Reminders for Myself

Never excuse one evil by pointing to another evil When recounting your grievances, remember: people lose patience with reruns You aren’t a failure just because someone said you were — you aren’t a success by that measure, either Never try to explain some small random thing by substituting an even larger, more random thing Respect … Continue reading "Reminders for Myself"

The Weak Survive, Too

They told him, “just the strong survive.” But he does not believe that, much — A type of mere tautology Because strength is defined as such For he’s known weakness, indolence, The need for frequent healing — But he survives ’cause he’s refused To ever give up Feeling


it is hard to be anything when you try to be everything


Wonderful (yet fearful) symmetry