Wash and Wait

She worked at a car wash
With, like, a thousand guys
And I was shy and awkward
(At least I was, girl-wise)

I brought my car there weekly
And there she could be seen
Washing my car, although it
Already was quite clean

I just wanted to see her
And say something so great
That she’d decide, of those guys
I was the guy to date

At no time did I ask her
I never said a word
Because I thought my fancies
Were patently absurd

But now a different fancy
Has come into my head
That much of who we could be’s lost
In what is never said


2 thoughts on “Wash and Wait

  1. I have to say you write it
    in six and seven beat;
    then gallop up to hoofbeat eight –
    no mean poetic feat…

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