Sketches – 30

My stars, you look beautiful this morning.

You think so? Well, we’ve got a big day ahead.

A big day of… of what? Did I forget something?

You’d better be joking.

Yeah, of course I’m… no, I’m drawing a blank. No clue.

You need to remember, I’m not helping you out of this.
Thank you for the flowers by the way.

You’re welcome, but, you actually thanked me yesterday.

I know. But they’re still beautiful.
Want some orange juice?

I’ll get it. Seriously, what are we doing today?

The Retirement-slash-Fourth-of-July party? Remember?

Oy. Yes. Ugh.

Such enthusiasm. It is our own family, you know.

And I love Ronnie, it’s just —

You’d rather sit around and reread Harry Potter all day?

Well – yeah, I would.
Do you really want to go?

Me? Heavens, no.
But I got up and made myself presentable, now I feel obliged to go.

You do look amazing.

Thank you.
So — what if we go but cut out early?
Before the heavy drinking starts?

I like the sound of that.
Maybe we could go for a drive in the country afterwards.

My mother warned me about men like you.

Really? What did she say?

They’ll flatter you, then try to get you off alone in their cars.

Yes, that sounds like me. She pretty much has my number.

My mom better not have your number.

She hardly ever calls at 3 am any more…

You are about to get a plate of oranges upside your head.

A good concussion might help me enjoy the party more.

Oh please. If I have to suffer through it, you do.

Fair enough.

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