bride, like the wind

the yesterday it must have been
was years ago, they tell me now;
we stood stood outside, while sea and sun,
both, envied you your grace –

you said you would, i said i did;
some music and a spotlight dance,
a little while in a car,
a soft look on your face

why are my hands so wrinkled now?
where are you? what was that i felt?
a wind that rushed by in the night
with rustling silk, and lace —

my bride, my love, i know you’re here —
just pull these tubes from off my face
and we’ll be on the beach again,
and you’ll be all in white —

the breeze is blowing in your hair
you’re smiling once again at me
the day is back, where it belongs
i can let go
of night

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2 Thoughts to “bride, like the wind

  1. Enjoyed your poem and saw the word ‘seizure.’ In the dark here, and I don’t have them anymore, but for me epilepsy and uncertainty travel together. Sometimes I even think there were benefits, because those periods where sections of my life were cut out fed my imagination, and that’s resurfaced in my fantasy fiction. Yeah, and maybe that’s not what you meant at all, Beleaguered :).

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