The World’s Worst Babysitter

I babysat my one year old grandson last night for ninety minutes and he screamed almost the entire time; I spent the last forty minutes holding him and wearing noise cancelling headphones. He finally fell asleep about five minutes before his mother got back, and, while my nerves were completely shot and I was at my wits’ end, I was still lucid enough to notice, as I have throughout my life, that there really is no consoling those who do not want to be consoled.

(First published July 2016. – Owen)

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11 Thoughts to “The World’s Worst Babysitter

  1. True about the consoling. Does he normally cry when you are around? Maybe it was a bad day or night for him.

    1. No, he normally thinks I’m the funniest man on earth and won’t let anyone else hold him when I’m there. But — that ended up not meaning much —

    1. Excellent point. His dad is away for a two month stint, and his mom said he (my grandson) had done this with her a couple of times. Overcome by the sadness of the world itself.

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