A First Date

I was so nervous, I barely held
The tickets in my shaking hand;
And you looked great, like you always did
Across the room in marching band.

The movie was stupid, the ads too long,
That Polo I used was way too strong —
The beat of my heart was like horses in Rome,
To know that I soon had to take you back home.

We walked to the door and you said goodnight.
You opened it up and then walked out of sight.
I got in my car, and I musedly said,
“Well, we made it through that and I am not dead.”

It’s funny what mattered then, looking back.
I have no game now, and I had no game then:
I wanted to go on a date with you,
And then I wanted to do it again.

And so we went out for about one year,
Until our shared candle went out for bad;
I guess there’s no lesson, except to say
I’m grateful, my friend, for the time we had –

For young though we were, it was very real,
As strange as love is, with its turns of fate:
A nervous young boy and a pretty young girl
On a pretty good
First Date

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