Sketches – 27

Who have you been talking to online?

One of my blogger friends.

Male or female?


Oh. And — where does she live?

She and her husband and kids live
In the northeast, somewhere, I believe.

Any reason for the emphasis on the words
“Husband” and “kids”?

Only because I didn’t like where
This felt like it was going.

Do you get bored with me?

What? No!

What about our life, together – here.
Do you daydream about other lives, other places?

I do not.

I’m pretty sure you do…
Look: don’t get mad with me.
I know what I see.
Yes, you love me, but —
But —

But what?

You’re always restless.

That’s why I write.
Why I play music.
That’s why you paint, isn’t it?

Well, I paint for money.
I draw and sketch for that reason, though,
I suppose.

Do you honestly think
I’m out looking for someone else?

No, but, everywhere we go, women really like you.
That must be true online, as well.

Look, you are the beautiful, popular one.
I’m a mathematician, for pete’s sake.
Not known for our awesome powers of

What about Leonhard Euler?
Didn’t he have, like, thirteen children?

I… your memory is amazing.
Look, it’s Saturday afternoon.
Why don’t we go down to the courthouse
And get married?

We’re already married.

Well, you mentioned Euler.
If I can’t convince you I love you
In one step, I thought maybe
I’d use a method of
Successive approximations.

Fine, but we’re not having
Thirteen children.

I’d settle for just having
One you, only —
A little happier.

Then put that tablet away for a few hours
And make me happy.

Happening… now.

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