The Jasmine Challenge

[Hey everybody, I’ve been nominated by to take the Jasmine Challenge! The rules are pretty simple: write way-too much poetry, and clutter up everybody’s reader on weekends and some weekdays. I’m so excited I was nominated! I’d like to thank members of the academy for making this possible; my mom and dad; my choreographer; and the girl who put extra banana peppers on my sandwich at Jimmy John’s last Tuesday. You all are the best!]

In real life, I am really dull.
I even bore myself:
A storage chest of trivia
And wide as a bookshelf.

I don’t use mirrors most the time;
I hate the way I look —
I cannot fix a broken thing,
Nor can I paint or cook.

If your grandad had been a walrus,
That’s your basic me —
It’s fiction writing I would do,
But get reality —

And really, I am just some dude
Among the crowd of faces,
The drop within the ocean, who
Once gone, leaves no real traces –

So I make up awards and write.
Write poems, just like this one:
To live in surreality –
It’s now
My life’s
Real mission

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3 Thoughts to “The Jasmine Challenge

  1. i Love you, because of your poetry. keep it coming. You’ve got two paintings on the drawing board inspired by your words, words i could never put together as you do. So I and many others, i am sure, will endure the over abundance of verse just to mine for the gems which occasionally pop up.
    Angel in the dust

  2. Further it is in your fiction (as well as in your autobiography) that you keep hitting our reality. You are a Prince for reminding your readers who the real you is. We all have to stay grounded or share the consequences-i tried to write a poem about that and the dangers of the internet back in September-Anyway keep making up your fiction.

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