this perspective

this was no shrine of mammon, this;
it was a place of honest toil,
according to the man who let me in —

i wander all around these grounds,
and try then to imagine
what all this looked like in its day and pomp

for “this perspective”, only, is
what we are gifted with;
whatever “this” may be for you or me —

and mine right now is of a place
that once was full of life,
but now lies fading – empty – unremarked.

i still believe in human life,
i still believe in love and hope,
i won’t be hollowed out of my belief

for everything and nothing, are
the same to one who’s shattered;
and distance is no barrier
to grief

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One thought to “this perspective”

  1. I love the symmetry in this shot. It’s something I look for in my own work. Check it out at:-

    Doing Urbex in Beijing these places are often the only respite I get from the noise of the city.

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