Thoughts from a Dark Night

There are no stars; no moon tonight.
There is a mist – a type of blight –
That swallows up the headlights
As they dimly make their way –

As peering through the window, I
Turn back, to where you used to lie,
Before I lied too many times –
And you – you went away —

For here’s truth about our souls:
They’re empty, dark, and full of holes
Punched through by lust and selfishness
And our hearts’ disarray –

And I was chief among the worst;
I put you last and put me first,
And strove to keep you on a string
While you gave love full play –

But in the darkness here, in hell,
I see what I am all too well;
A spoiled and conniving thief
Who’s lived to rue the day

I ever turned your loving free.
There’s nothing left to comfort me;
I’m old in heart as I can be
And lonely as a stray

That wanders darkened streets at night.
I cannot turn my wrong to right:
I can’t undo what I have done,
To you, my love, my only one;
Who loved me through the coldest night,
Which I returned with only spite.

If you’d still listen, I would say…

You’re better off now, better free —
Than ever you had been
With me

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