Your Yoga

You do you your yoga everyday,
I’m rarely there to see it;
A private thing that you enjoy,
That eases your frustration

But since I am your husband, I
Find thoughts of it erotic:
For yoga’s quite a different thing
In my imagination

Now I’m not saying anything
That you will find surprising:
For well you know the part of me
That structured in that way

So please, continue doing all
That helps and makes you better:
And I’ll continue thinking of you
The day

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5 Thoughts to “Your Yoga

  1. This reminds me of my husband. He doesn’t really understand my connection with yoga and does find it sexy but supports the fact that I’m doing something that makes me truly happy and feeds my soul. I feel more myself than ever since I have started regularly practicing and this spills over into our relationship in a positive way. I love him more for supporting me even when he doesn’t fully understand.

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