Time That Was

The glint of steel at break of dawn;
The surreptitious pill —
Those who we think have everything
Do not – and never will

In time that was, her royalty
Was claimed by many in her town;
She even wore the sparkling dress,
The glittering half-crown —

But now, she answers phones all day;
With mostly angry people there;
They do not see what she was once,
And do not really care —

The man who chased her hardest, won.
But he was hard of heart, as well:
And left his marks upon her skin,
Where no one sees, and she won’t tell

And girls she works with say that she
Thinks she’s too good for anyone;
She isn’t quick to make a joke,
Or join in with the fun

And some of them wish they could have
The husband that she has:
They think she has the perfect life,
And murmur, as she’ll pass

But she’ll go home to nothing, and
Take one more lonely pill —
Those who we think have everything
Do not –
And never

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