Reading. Writing.

I used to read for hours,
Now, I labor over verse:
Long reading made better, while
Short writing’s made me worse

My habit of soliloquy
Now crystalized in form;
As days spent locked within myself
Have fast become the norm

Instead of how it used to be,
As I would roam from here,
Through pages writ by authors
Young and old, both far and near

So reading bade my mind take flight,
While writing keeps it anchored;
The first, a type of cleansing show’r;
The latter, more a tankard

But like a drinker with his cup,
It’s hard for me to stop:
My reading time and writing time,
I wish that I
Could swap

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3 Thoughts to “Reading. Writing.

  1. I love reading but have put it aside for now while focusing on writing poetry. It seems the pendulum swings one way or the other.

  2. Your poem echoes my mind…. It’s a wonder how the allure to language has got us swaying between reading and writing, sometimes one imposing over the other…

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