Sketches – 16

What’s so funny?

You are

What did I do?

You shave every time in
The same exact geometrical pattern
I was thinking you might do
Crop circles sometime

I have to do it the same way everyday, or
I forget what I’m doing and
What areas I’ve already shaved

Of course you do

I love the smell of that shampoo you use

You do?

Yes, I very much do
Although, I need to be…
… there! …
A little closer to smell it properly

You certainly have gotten closer
I don’t remember putting a lot of it
Directly on the back of my neck…

Oh — yes, well
I am doing… research

On what, precisely?

The origins of crop circles

And… that feels nice …
What have you discovered
So far?

That crop circles
Take quite a while
If done

Well, Professor
I’d better help you complete
Your research

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