Sketches – 14

I’m tired of rain

Yeah, me too. So, what are your plans for today?

So far, two words: “Net” and “Flix”

Perfect for rainy days. How’d the book turn out last night?

That book? Oh, the ending was great. I almost put it away 20 pages in, but I’m glad I gave it a chance… So, what do you have on tap today?

Well my sunbathing choices seem limited, so, I thought maybe I’d work for awhile on some music


Yeah, I’ve had something in my head for awhile, but, I haven’t had time to do any recording

I really ought to finish that painting I’m doing for Ronda

Why don’t you?

I might — Rain just makes me feel like not doing anything

“Life” makes me feel that way

Oh, yeah, your’e so freakin’ lazy. Why’d I marry you, anyway?

Because I’m such a good dancer

Yes, you totally are

Do you know why I married you?

Because I challenge you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, and through our interaction you become a more fully realized you?

Yeah, well… umm… yeah, that

What were you going to say? Something about sex?

No… more that I never enjoyed rainy days this much before

That’ll work



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