Determined or Free?

Do you think life is
Something that just
Happens to us?
Or is it something
We make for ourselves?

Both, obviously.

What do you mean?

People or things or events
Outside of us
Impinge on our lives.
Storms, calamities,
Much of the violence people experience
Often come from outside.
There are other things
That we do to ourselves;
Promises we don’t keep,
Goals we let slide,
And so on.

What about me? Do you think
My life has been more
“Something that’s happened to me”
“Something I’ve done to myself”?

I would say
Your biggest problem
Is that you constantly mix those two things up.
When something is not your fault
Like some jerk you are dating
You think it is your fault.
When something is your fault
Like being late
You blame traffic.

That’s kind of harsh.

I don’t mean to be –
I want you to know
That you have the power to change many things
But none of those things
Are other people;
And that I feel lucky to be around you.
In my life, I too, have confused
What is and isn’t my fault;
But I hope I realize
Having you around as a friend
Is better than I ever deserved

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