Maria D.

She’s past the age of worrying about
What ‘all men’ want – it’s more about what she
Is looking for and in her kind of friend,
And what, in friendship, she might newly be —

You’re more than a lover
You’re more than a warmer
Beneath a bed cover;
No one else to say
How you speak or you dress —
You don’t have to settle
For love that is less

She snaps a selfie out there on the beach
I look at it, three thousand miles away;
My stars, I’m glad she left that evil place,
She’s more herself with every passing day

It’s not about
Escaping doubt;
Sometimes she’s gonna have a drought
Of ideas, creativity;
No longer in captivity,
Indulging her proclivity
To love, with all she’s got,
The peopled landscape of her life,
And regain her lost plot

From swindling,
Her tears are daily dwindling;
Maria D., my friend, please see
The marvel you will always be
A wonder you can come to know
With us, your friends, along
In tow

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