Another Dating Memory

We sat upon my stupid couch
And I said dumb and stupid things,
Then we got up to take a walk
Down to the waterside

I sweated like hothouse pig,
(I had that awful mullet then)
I showed you where I used to live
That spacious double-wide

I stepped in mud, oh, ankle deep;
I said I’d cook, but had no food —
Yet somehow, you enjoyed yourself
With this lone, laggard, loser dude

You somehow saw behind the mess,
That I had tried my very best;
For you had known the other side,
And loved a charming narcissist

But clumsy: that was what I was,
And how I am still, to the core:
But love sees what the eyes can miss,
And makes us into something more

Then ever I thought I could be
Back when I was a loathesome slouch
Who spoke his dumb and stupid words
Upon that lovely,

Photograph by Kenneth McCall,

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2 Thoughts to “Another Dating Memory

  1. It is always refreshing to see your compositions used in such a positive way. Yes, I am the photographer that captured this image. And yes, that is my actual (stupid) couch in my den. This wonderful piece SOOOO captured my sentiment for my favorite sitting/resting/lounging spot in my house. It is just an old, silly, stupid, nothing special couch … until you are away from it long enough to miss it ;-). Thanks for a GREAT poem for my “stupid” couch. P.S. I now call it that. Seriously lol.

    1. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I’m really inspired by the work of the photographers whose photos I purchase to use here. This picture had so much reality in it, it brought back strong memories. Thank you again.

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