Crazy Person Thoughts

There is nothing women despise more
in men
than lack of confidence

nothing they claim to want more
than for men
to share their vulnerabilities

if men think about this at all
it can be their undoing, so
think about this at all


taking on
hatred-based ideologies
rarely makes people more attractive
or, even
attractive at all

but the resulting lack of attractiveness
does tend to support
the adoption of
hatred-based ideologies


“irrelevance” is
a meaningful term in
logical argument
a pointless pejorative
when aimed at
people themselves
or their work

since it claims to know
what parts of whose work
might be relevant
to anyone on earth

calling an artist
“irrelevant” is, in itself,
a strange irrelevance


two types of people :

those for whom
rejection feels worse than
acceptance feels good

and those for whom
personal risks are worth it

the good news?

everyone is each camp at
one time or another


i’m at the age now where i wish
memories were time-stamped


my wife smiles at me when i enter a room, so
including my two grandsons
that makes three people of whom i can say that

there are any number of people who smile
when i leave a room

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