Lost in Dreams

Do you ever have bad dreams?

Yes. Why?

I had one last night

What was it?

I was in a cave, by myself
I had gotten separated from my friends
Suddenly the lights went out
And it was absolutely black
I was afraid to move
Afraid I would go over a cliff

You’ve never told me about having
Bad dreams before

Yeah, well, you know
We don’t really talk
About stuff like this much

Were you afraid?

Yes, but in my dream
I closed my eyes and realized
I was only dreaming

So that helped?

No, I felt worse


I don’t know.
Maybe I want to be lost

In a cave?

With you

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One thought to “Lost in Dreams”

  1. Dear Owen Poetic Epilepsy,
    I saw this photo and got a song poem idea. I wrote it out and edited it. The last stanza needs work if not a rewrite.
    I wrote it before I even read what you wrote. I like your poem but would like to share this song poem here.

    Ive got a computer and its sittin with her books.
    She looking hot,
    Im looking smooth.
    We got it going on this evening,
    that we’re cruising.
    The sun a blasting
    Like it thinks it owns the world.
    But we got our too cool glasses,
    Got em at the market.

    Cheap and clean is the way we go.
    She’s chick in them jeans,
    I’m getting smooth withmytoocasualwhitenessofaT,
    Here we go along the path,
    Playin like we rule.
    With the bag of books and tech,
    Are smoothness and our chick.

    That’s the way we rule!
    We do it our way,
    (When we want it and how we want it.
    When we want it
    How we want it. )
    We have not gotten to the mode of counselors,
    We don’t do kids.
    We play it like we own the world.

    I am going to revise the last stanza. This song poem needs a totally new last stanza but this third stanza is what I came up with for now.

    Written by Sam Sutlive at 11:00pm June 22, 2015 posted in comment section 12:33pm June 23, 2015.

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