Old Man

There’s no one wants to talk to you, old man –
Quit looking: there’s nobody coming here.
Oh sure — I’m just a voice inside your head,
But one who speaks the truths you’ve come to fear

For this is what life is: it is a sport.
And sports are the young, the strong, the fit —
And you? Just what the hell damned good are you?
Whatever “it” might be, you can’t do “it”

I do not want to hear this anymore;
I’m me, and I don’t have to hear your voice —
I won’t give up on life; I won’t despair –
To live’s a right, and it’s my sovereign choice —

That’s fine, old man. You’re noble, not some bum:
Just keep your watch
For those
Who’ll never

2 thoughts on “Old Man

  1. That’s a mighty powerful piece. Fortunately there are a great many people who want to talk to older folk, but probably not enough! The reverse is also true in that many older people do not, dare not, can not, and do not want to, talk to young people.

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