I told her I could turn her inside out

She said she thought she’d like to feel me try

We entered into our subliming phase —

Back then, I was a really solid guy


And there we melted, melded into one

And pushed the cycle, clicking every turn

And she was faint vanilla to the taste

As condensation kept at bay the burn


So charged as plasma, we then ionized

And led our stars to their serene demise

Exhausted by the lessons we had learned

As to our solid states we then returned


And boasting, while just wrong, had had its day

And blurring, while not right, had had its night

And time, which has its sway, has almost brought

The memories of this out of the light


But every human power that we feel

Makes up a part of our short energy

And solidly reflects our scrambled paths

The flicker

That is our


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