My Golden Friend

I glance for her down on the floor,
But she is not there anymore,
My old and lovely golden friend;
And I can’t really comprehend

This business we call life and death:
Not what comes after final breath,
Nor how much of this world is real –
Nor why
Love’s all
We really feel

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2 Thoughts to “My Golden Friend

  1. A friend once mused, “What if when we get to Heaven, all the dogs we ever loved come running up over the hill to greet us!” Someone else said that since animals can love, perhaps there is a spirit that goes on and joins back with the original animal spirit (of all the pets we’ll have ever had here whom we loved like kin) — and that sweet little spirit greets us one day. God is so good — and so surprising — I couldn’t help but entertain that notion. Once again, I’m sorry your lovely girl is not underfoot. Would she want you to get a puppy in a while?

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