lessons from the cat

the cat now sleeps upon the book;
the book upon the table lies –
why read a book
when i know that it lies?

i have a blanket for the cold —
the cat now kneads the blanket, so
who needs it worse?
the one who needs or kneads?

my grandson says that
captain america is
the cat never makes that mistake.

i talk to the cat about
why it is that
the music of william schuman
speaks to me as it does –
the cat offers
no answers

i miss the dog,
who just died,
for she was real —
i have no cat,
i haven’t for many years

my last cat lived 21 years
our dog lived 15, which
for a golden retriever
was getting up there

i write this because
the house seems a lot emptier

i know no other way to face it

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6 Thoughts to “lessons from the cat

  1. Awww, I’m sorry. There’s no logical way to deal with the passing of a 15- or even 9-year old furchild/friend/innocent who lives so unconditionally with us as long as he or she can. Absolutely none.

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