The Weight of Expectation

(I wrote this in response to this post. If you don’t read the blog it comes from, you are truly missing┬ásomething, in my opinion. – Owen)

it isn’t that women are expected
“to have it all” —

it’s that they are expected to do
mutually contradictory things —
  be at work
  while being at home with the kids
  while being passionate with their lover

in fact,
i would argue that

if you are doing any two of the above list
at the same time
you aren’t doing either of them well

  every day –
  everywhere –
  every hour —

women feel the desire, the need,
and the overwhelming pressure
of impossible expectations

if by some chance
you’re one of those
who has all these things figured out,
send us a facebook link
to your universal answer
so we can all

ignore it


one last thing:
the only weight
always worth losing

is the weight

of impossible

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