Thought Flow

Like this, only busier.
Like this, only busier.

I’m writing again from a busy hotel lobby;
Day 6 of our vacation, and we
Have had a wonderful time,
By the Atlantic, relaxing, and now
Here, visiting our daughter.

One more night, tonight,
At a Bed-and-Breakfast
Built in the 1800’s;
Then home by tomorrow.

Sitting here with headphones on,
I watch the scramble and chaos;
I’ve been down here two hours,
Since 4:30 AM,
I’ve observed the hotel as it
Wakes up.

To all of you who might be
In the television news business:
I’m sorry I hate your product.
If I didn’t have these headphones on
I’d probably be trying
To rip these televisions off the walls.

As it is, I view the
Inane prattle going on there
Without (much) anger.

My wife is asleep upstairs;
This trip couldn’t have gone better, so far.
I’m a lucky man to be with her.

We’ve spent hours talking together on this trip,
Much of it substantive;
Some of it, me prating
About nothing in particular —

… Kind of like
Television news

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