That One Who Holds My Heart

It’s hard to tell a story that
You’re in the middle of;
And yet, most bloggers do it
Every day

That’s why I write about the past,
Or isolated things;
It is just better for me
Done that way

But now the prompt’s requesting that
I write about my love;
A thing I want to do,
And honestly:

But like so much I read out here
I want this now to speak
With psychological

I like strong women – always have –
And she is at the top
Who I have ever known,
In strength and grace

I love that she is different,
And she wants me to be me:
I love the soft curves of
Her changing face

And there’s her laugh than can be heard
Above most other sounds;
A laugh that she and I
Will share at night

I love her with our grandson,
And with our old aging dog;
For how she comforts others
In their plight

I love she’s a perfectionist,
She’s kind of O.C.D. –
For anything she tries,
She gives her best —

I love her for her honesty,
And that she’s made of love;
How every new adventure’s
Done with zest

The truth is, I’m a Beta male,
An introverted guy;
I hang off to the side
And just observe

Be she loves me in spite of that,
And possibly, because;
She’s better than I dreamed
I could deserve

——– ——– ——–


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5 Thoughts to “That One Who Holds My Heart

  1. Perhaps a poet’s job is to make the reader wish they were seen that way the poet sees their subject. You have captured that feeling well. Nicely done.

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