Honorable Mentions, 2015

(If you click on any of the images below, it should take you to the corresponding piece. – Owen)

"Feeling Secure and Other Feelings"
“Feeling Secure and Other Feelings”
"And Then"
“And Then”
"Snapshot: Ballfield At Dusk"
“Snapshot: Ballfield At Dusk”
"The Wooden Path"
“The Wooden Path”
"Sun Through Trees"
“Sun Through Trees”
"The Distance"
“The Distance”
"The Abandonment"
“The Abandonment”
"Love and Loss"
“Love and Loss”
"there is an emptiness that comes"
“there is an emptiness that comes”
"They're Only Small A While"
“They’re Only Small A While”
"Now, When I Remember You"
“Now, When I Remember You”
"In Latent Time"
“In Latent Time”
"But Then Time Broke"
“But Then Time Broke”

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