It Happened

It happened kind of suddenly,
It wasn’t really planned;
Two co-workers: and in some way
That I don’t understand

We just made a connection, and
The stars aligned just right:
She said to come and meet her
When she got off shift that night

We drove to her place, where, she said
That we could make some noise:
Which she began, by belting show tunes
In an off-key voice

And then she showed me her pet snails;
She had about a dozen –
And told me how her first time was
Her mom’s half-sister’s cousin

And how she thought it great
I want to marry her and all;
And how big of a wedding, and
Reception, and what hall

We’d need to rent for all her friends.
And how she was so glad,
I wasn’t like the last guy, ’cause
That really turned out bad

She told him she would sleep with him,
He’d said, “No, thanks, I guess.”
And then, “You think I’m pretty, Owen?”
And I said, “Um… yes…”

She grabbed me by the face, and said:
“Then you make the first move.”
And so I bolted from her place
And my mood did improve.

So guys, a word of warning,
Let my mistake be your guide:
Just ’cause the wrapping’s nice
Does not mean you’ll want
What’s inside

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