Television shows:
The works of
Many hands and lifetimes

To entertain, or
To inform —
And meet strict timelines —

Yet, years later, we
Still enjoy.
I’m grateful for them

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2 Thoughts to “Television

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer will forever hold a soft spot in my heart that begins with and extends well beyond the bounds of TV, and then there’s my husband work. One of my favorite memories of A is from the day I was an extra on The Big Bang Theory while he was working on it. To for a moment see him doing what he loved … that enhanced my own appreciation for the art, and there is indeed art in it.

    All of which is to say: I so appreciate this post.

    1. Thank you, Deborah.

      From my days doing local (community) theater (as a musician / music director), I tend to look at things like movies and television shows and building construction as amazing feats of cooperation beyond my ability to fully fathom; modern marvels worth spending time on. I started out loving many television shows just because I loved them (and still, typically, do); over time, I gained more of an appreciation for what must have gone in to producing them.

      There is a very prevalent mindset out there that dismisses people’s hard work (or even life’s work) snidely. I’m sure you know the attitude: it’s roughly 1/3 arrogance, 1/3 cruelty, and 1/3 idiocy. These are people who produce nothing, accomplish nothing, and do nothing; however, they want to dictate to others how they should look at things. You don’t find that many among bloggers; however, they will fill up a comment thread from time to time; and they love places like YouTube comment threads. These people really make me despair for humanity.

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