Yes, I know how to spell that word.

But why?

But why?

Yes, I know how to spell that word, but why?


I’ll tell you how I know that word

Although it’s spelling’s quite absurd

And useless to the average bird

Or so, to me, it’s now occurred


Some type of stupid hydrolase

I know, because it was the case

That my insipid teenage face

Was stuck inside a school.


A school, where as a gen’ral rule

We learned, if we were not a fool

How to become one, which was cruel.

The lunchroom served its daily gruel

To rebel and to suck-up tool

Who might inhabit. like a ghoul

The ghost of one once human.


And if I’d had, perhaps, acumen

I might have been a better crewman

And learned, in time, to be a true man

Instead of a flake.


But lo, I sat there like a rock

My brain benumbed as though in shock

By subjects that I thought a crock

And ran from, like a mouse, a hawk

But ultimately failed.


And so I learned, at last, to spell,

These lengthy words borne straight from hell

And perhaps, you did too, as well.

I hope not,

For your sake…

=  =  =  =  =

( … p r o m p t e d … )

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