Diatribe of A Put-Off Woman

Why do men try to hold hands with me on dates?
It’s such a turn-off.
I mean, I know they’re supposed to make
The first move and all.
But they shouldn’t do it if I’m not interested.

Anyways, I have to have sex with a guy first
Before I know if I’m interested.
Isn’t that weird?

Men are just confusing.

When I go out with someone, I pay my own way.
I don’t to feel like I owe the guy something.
I don’t really want anything from guys.

I have a hard time meeting guys.
When I do, I wish they wouldn’t try to kiss me

Until after I’ve slept with them

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3 Thoughts to “Diatribe of A Put-Off Woman

  1. I suspect about 55 millon guys would vigorously nod, “Yes, yes — you’re a reasonable woman…”!

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