“Why would you do that?  You know what the divorce agreement says. It says…”

Silence.  Three slow beats.

“This is ridiculous.  I’m not giving you anything.  I won’t see you, and they won’t see you.”

Silence.  Beat and a half.

“That’s not… that’s not the point.  You don’t need to do this.  It’s not helping anybody.  Please, I’m…”




“… Don’t make…”


“… Don’t make me call the police again.”

Silence.  Four beats.

“Of course they still love you.  But you have to wait.  It’s only two more weeks, and you’ll get…”


“… you’ll get to see them.”

Silence.  One beat.

“A weekend is a lot.  I’m trusting you with them…”

Muffled shouting, man’s voice.

“… Yes, their yours too.  You know how we ended up here.  You know that…”


“… You know that…”

Silence.  Beat and a half.

“… You know what?  This conversation is over.  Some of us have jobs.  If you come anywhere near my house, you’ll go to jail.  You’ll see them we when we said you would.”


“It’s too late for that.  It’s…”

Silence.  Four beats.

“Fine.  Fine, we’ll see you then.”

Silence.  Slow pause.

“Roger… you’re getting help right?  You’re doing what you’re supposed to do?”

Furniture moving.

“I have to go.”

Silence.  Door opening and closing.

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