A Moment in the Sunshine

Destiny is a poor motivation;
And an even worse plot device —
For the pattern of life is
So beyond our comprehension,
To call it “chance” is
Probably the fairest thing.

Unwisdom led her to passions;
Passions to family;
Family to committments;
Committments to heartbreak and disillusionment
And unforseen complications —

But amid the welter of confused decisions
And broken dreams, she found this:

That she’s still here

That she still has something to say

That she damned sure still has something to give

And that this moment can be hers

No —

Is hers

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2 Thoughts to “A Moment in the Sunshine

  1. Just as this moment can be his, no — is his. What a lovely thing to read and ponder, perhaps especially when emotionally feeling like dog barf. Yesterday’s. How do you do it?

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