Self Portrait D

Waves by the gallon and guilt by the gram
Never as fat as I say I am
Pepper and salt where a beard ought to be
Giant Mac screen there in front of me

Wakes up in panic but sleeps like a log
Carefully tries not to fall on the dog
Works for a company everyone knows
Daily does yoga, but who would suppose

Sometimes indifferent, sometimes intrigued
Married a woman way out of his league
Likes to get up a long time before dawn
Plays the piano without the lights on

Really likes women, the way that they think
Doesn’t like crowds, long ago gave up drink
Yet ingests caffeine like others breathe air
Dresses with color, but not too much flair

Fifty-three years he has lived on this earth
On the same pathway we’re all on from birth
Here by the water near his old address
Soon to be chronicled
Out on WordPress

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6 Thoughts to “Self Portrait D

  1. Marvellous memoir in a catchy metric style and honest voice with self-deprecating humour. Greatly enjoyed.

  2. It’s a real photo, isn’t it? I think it fleshes you out even more than the wondering words, though I like both very much.

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