Youthful Passions: Outer Space

For those of us of a certain age
The names “Apollo” and “Gemini” have a special meaning
And the great real-life heroes of 1969
Weren’t playing sports, they were walking on the moon

I dreamed of going up there, living up there
I thought my future would be in space
And I grabbed hold of every outer space thing I could find
“Star Trek”, “Space: 1999”, “Silent Running”,
And finally, “Star Wars” eight years after the moon landing

A clear night sky
In a place without light pollution
Is still the most awesome sight I know

And I know there will always be kids who dream
Of living among the stars

2 thoughts on “Youthful Passions: Outer Space

  1. Did anyone else out there have a “Major Matt Mason” action figure?
    Build models of Mercury/Gemini/Apollo spacecrafts?
    Boy was I into this stuff from age 4 to about 9…

    1. That’s so ironic. I tried to work Major Matt Mason into this but couldn’t get the rhythm to work. I wrote a piece on those toys over on my other blog a few years ago.

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