the anti-lover

i lost myself back years ago

when i still had a self to lose;

with alcohol, my only guide,

my friends, my health, and safety i’d abuse


but now the anger’s coming forth;

past destitution’s long recall,

i see now that i am to blame

for loss of love and health, and for it all —


i struggle now to merely walk,

the parties call for me no more;

my seat is taken at the bar

and i think, what were all of my years for?


i squandered every chance i had,

i turned my back on love and life;

a wanderer, without a home,

a stranger to my children and my wife


i wish that you could learn from me,

but if you are like me, you won’t:

the anti-lover heeds no call,

but please

don’t do what i did —


just don’t

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