Morning Person

I am what’s known as a real morning person,
Off to workout after rising at four;
Shower, then write for a couple of hours,
Head then to work for ten hours or more

Come home and play with my grandson awhile,
See all my family as there’s time to spend;
Go on a date with my wife if its Thursday,
Go to sleep – do it all over again –

So, the prompt asks, “why get up in the morning?”
“Why do you do it?” or “What ticks your clock?”
All I can say is I love what I’m doing
Although that might come as kind of a shock —

I’m fifty-three; it’s the life that I asked for.
Its neither bad nor a thing to exalt;
I get up early to do what I’m doing –
If I don’t like it, it’s my
Own dang fault


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