The Sundays – “Here’s Where The Story Ends” on YouTube

This goes with a shout out to Miss Evelyn over at her blog and this post. This song meant a lot to me at the time, and it brings back memories of that time like few other things.

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6 Thoughts to “The Sundays – “Here’s Where The Story Ends” on YouTube

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out Owen! I really appreciate it. Songs brings out the emotions and feelings in us doesn’t it? And sometimes we associate certain memories with specific songs. I had meant to reply sooner but was unable to due to the settings on my phone. I also did a little research and discovered that I had heard of this song before by a different artist singing in a different language. I was wondering where I had heard this song before; the music was so familiar.

      1. One of the last trips we took together as a family, she, me and our two boys, this song was popular, and she loved it (she was/is a singer). When the marriage fell apart, it always made me think of that time.

      2. A very creative and talented family you have. I understand it must have been a heart breaking time for you. Now you can look back and see the memories it brought you both good and bad. x

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