This prompt is rather difficult
Which isn’t a bad thing –
To be a different person
I find hard imagining

The wording implies categories
People like to use:
With gender, species, generation
Among those to choose

But — I think I’ll pick
Another type of attribute —
And I hope that you won’t think
I took a dodgy route

For twelve months I would like to be
Somebody less obsessive;
Who could enjoy the things of life
Without being excessive

Who would not write twelve hundred poems
Just to scratch an itch:
Who could miss Daily Posts without
Developing a twitch

I’d love to have a whole new skin
There’s much I think I’d gain:
If I had soul integrity
And I was less

= = = = =


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6 Thoughts to “Subsessive

  1. This is an incredible photo. In spite of the fact that I had to look up subsessive, I appreciate both the art and the poem But, we can’t find the word subsessive anywhere! Could you furnish a definition, please? I love the poem by the way. Brother!!!

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