Drive-In at Sunset

Nineteen seventy-nine, and waiting-
Life had largely passed me by
Finally I started dating
My last year of senior high

I, an antisocial creature
Rarely came out of my pen;
Took a date to see a feature
Film, down at the old drive-in

Like to say we steamed the windshield
But instead we had a fight
Out there in the cars in that field
On a muggy April night

Only time I ever “Drove-In”
It was no fun in the end
Drive-Ins died before I dove in
But they could come back again

What’s “high tech” is always fleeting
What’s on the up or downswing:
But I guess it bears repeating
Drive-Ins, once, were quite the thing

2 thoughts on “Drive-Ins

  1. I recall only two outdoor movies of the many goings: “Tora, tora, tora!” didn’t set an overly romantic tone, as didn’t “Dr. Doolittle” many years later (wherein we two sat in the back and let our girls sit up front), but it was always fun.

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