I Reach Out To You

I rose, and thought,
Today I will be handsome;
But nature has
Its own ideas, it seems –

My patience and
My fortitude – in question –
And most my life lived on
The edge of dreams

  I reach out to you, now,
  And ask a question:
(Technology, the means
  Of my request)

  Is there a better way
  Than “self-improvement”?
  I’m looking for
  Whatever works the best —

For many who I read
Have lots of answers:
And my uncertainties
Have some renown

And, struggling now with patience
And self-image,
I reach out to
Whomever is around

  For all of us have problems; we’re the same —
  We all are interlaced with love
    and shame

5 thoughts on “I Reach Out To You

  1. Owen, no answer from you. I’m so sorry but I need to get some sleep (CA time – weird hours). I’m really glad you reached out. Lola

  2. Well, rarely do we ever look at ourselves from God’s perspective, but when we do — when we get past the self-shame/-condemnation — all is well or soon shall be, always has been (in His reality — which trumps ours), and shall be so for eternity… if we want that. Barring that jarring thought, I just realized (thanks to your poem) that one can look up one’s birthday saint and try to see one’s self from his or her perspective. We each are so uniquely and irreplaceably unique and irreplaceable in all the history of the whole world.

    I suppose others might suggest you just get a big honkin’ motorcycle. 🙂 That’d be fun, too!

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