French Opera Cake

This is called French Opera Cake;
It’s genuine, and isn’t fake.
I’m listening to an opera, now –
A good one, by Rossini.

Rossini, was a chef who’d bake
Well, lots of things that he could make,
And if he made French Opera Cake
I couldn’t really say.

He made Italian operas, though
Demetrio e Polibio
Is one of his, although I know
It was not writ in French

I’ll end this now, for mercies sake;
No more the mickey will I take.
I’ll listen to Semiramide
And eat French Opera Cake

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3 Thoughts to “French Opera Cake

  1. I am sure Rossini (one of my favourites) understood the futility of having one’s cake and eating it, too. x

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