These were vegan; I say “were” because they’re gone now. We ate them — all of them. Even the crumbs. Desserts are (so I was taught) A reward we give ourselves In moderation For eating healthy food first. But now, It is all healthy, And there is no moderation, In anything. And the turgid fruits … Continue reading "Desserts"

Garlic Bread

There is no food more perfect; At least, that's what I think -- It is my "desert island" food, I didn't even blink When asked once what my favorite was, For it was plain to me: Just garlic bread, that's all I need In its Simplicity

Beef Stew

Why should I be the only thing In my house that's pressure cooked? I used a crockpot, Am a crackpot, That seems right. When days grow cold, A hearty stew is just the thing. Of course, I live in Georgia, USA, And so, the days aren't cold. I stewed over the preparation of this; Crying … Continue reading "Beef Stew"

Fruits & Vegetables

The earth, connected to our deepest Selves. And then what comes from it; The life we live, just life that has Been lived, albeit differently, Because we can't eat sunlight like The higher forms of earthly life Can do

Common Thoughts #7 – Meat Loaf & Brussels Sprouts

What exactly’s in a meat loaf? I am sure that I don’t know. Maybe some ingredients? Still, it seems quite apropos To serve it with brussels sprouts – Those two things both mysteries – One: I’m not sure what it is; Two: I don’t know who likes these

Advice for Living

Love everybody Like you should, And try the nachos once – They’re good

A Few Thoughts on Food

I went to get a philly — I take it plain, not frilly — Just onions, pepper, meat and cheese: Much more than that Is silly Some swedish meatballs on a plate, A bit of mashed potato — To eat this stuff might not be wise, So I guess I’m not Plato O cinnamon roll, … Continue reading "A Few Thoughts on Food"