Sweat Poker

… A “Daily Prompt” post

Four friends in swimsuits by the pool, the day was very hot.
A deck of cards between them, and a cruel twist to the plot:
Instead of playing poker, where you strip if you should lose,
They’d have to put their thick clothes on, so they’d determine whose
Endurance was the strongest – the two gals or the two guys;
So they began the game, although, it wasn’t very wise.

Kit (in the red trunks) had on a jacket and some cords.
Heather (in the white) a shirt and sweater, and some jorts.
Alexis (in the red) had on a raincoat and one shoe;
Benton (in the pool) a suit and furry parka, too.
Benton had turned red from sweating – feeling like a fool –
He threw all of it off, and jumped into the welcoming pool

And all the rest then joined him, as the girls needled the boys.
The sounds of cooling happy people, laughing, making noise:
Alexis said to Benton, “Dude, I totally got you.”
He said, “I don’t sweat you. Except, I guess, I kinda do.”

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