Long Walk Pass

My brother lived in Colorado then.
When far up in the mountains, we got stuck;
We had to walk for miles in the snow,
And rain and mud, and brother, did it suck.

We found a Tex-Mex restaurant at the base
Of that same mountain whence his car was trapped;
We ate like men who might not eat again,
Our clothes all soaked, our faces sore and chapped.

We rose up and went looking the next day
For somebody to tow us out of there;
We found a towing truck that drove us back,
Through thirty miles of ever-thinning air.

But it was glorious autumn on that drive:
The rain and snow and clouds had rolled away.
I looked around in wonder, and I said:
Well, if this had to happen – what a day!

My brother, with his muddy clothes, looked up,
And said,
You still
Are such
An idiot

= = = = =

Inspired by this prompt.

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